The effective way to recover MTS files from SD card

MTS files from SD card

About MTS videos files

The files that contain .mts file extension are AVCHD video files. AVCHD is a short form for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. These videos files contain high-def MPEG transport stream videos that have been captured by the camcorder. MTS videos files are capable of supporting both 720p and 1080i video format. You can play MTS files using various media player including windows media player, VLC media player etc. Sometimes MTS videos file kept on the SD card can be corrupted or deleted due to the accidentally press the shift + Del key button.

Causes of the MTS video files from SD card can be corrupted or deleted

  • Compression issue: When you try to compress the videos files then there might be the chance of file corruption.
  • Virus attack: If SD card is infected with dangerous malware, spyware, Trojan and many another virus then the MTS videos files has been corrupted.
  • Power failure: If the sudden power failure occurs while playing the MTS files then there might be the chance of file corruption.
  • Improper removal of SD card: if the SD card ejecting from the system while the file transfer. Then it could lead to the MTS files corruption.

These are the reasons for the MTS videos files corruption. If you have a backup then it is not a big deal for you. But if you have not the backup, then no need to panic. You can recover it with the help of MTS videos recovery tool.

Features of the MTS videos recovery tool

Stellar Phoenix recovery tool is advance recovery tool and a single solution to get back lost and deleted videos files. It not only supports recovers lots photos but also perfectly recover MTS videos files from SD card. It can support various video files format like 3GP, MP4, MPEG, AVI, Matroska videos files, DIVX, AVCHD and much more. The software can recover videos, image and audio files from SD card, internal/external device etc. it has the capacity to scan 2TB storage at once.

The trial version of the software is available in the market but it has some limitation like it only shows the preview of the recover files but does not allow to save the files. if you like the feature of the software then buy its original version.

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