Unable To Play MTS Video Files With Windows Media Player

Are you unable to play MTS video files with Windows media player? Does your video freezes and stuck as soon as you play the video. Then, don’t worry read this post to fix this troublesome issue effectively. Well, MTS is a file extension for images (1)an AVCHD video for high definition videos. It is an originating HD video file format commonly used for the video clips recorded by Panasonic, Canon, Sony and other high class and professional camcorders. This file format is capable to support 720p and 1080p HD videos easily and without any fuss. While playing MTS file video, you would experience a full 1920 x 1080 resolution along with optimum clarity and sharpness. However, most media players including Windows Media Player don’t support MTS file format naturally. Here, you would probably be wondering why it’s unable to play MTS video files with Windows media player.

So, looking at users concern we have found an answer and authentic. MTS video doesn’t play because the media player that receives the codec is not able to translate that data into suitable video file. Here, you must know the causes for this cumbersome scenario such as corrupt or missing codec, damaged MTS files or unsupported or invalid files. All these circumstances will lead to discolored pixels and loss of display during playing. There are lots of other incidences where you will be unable to play MTS video files with Windows media player like virus or malware infection, widows registry items got deleted, bad sectors and many more things. If you try to play MTS files with Windows Media Player, you will always require to download and install lots of codec packs and plug-ins. And let me tell you, its a very tough task to get a genuine and trusted codec pack specially for an amateur and somehow if your able to open the MTS files, you can’t play it perfectly.

MTS video recoveryTherefore, it is recommended that you must use a robust and reputed third party tool i.e MTS Video Recovery Software to fix unable to play MTS video files with Windows media player effectively. There are lots of MTS tool available in market but they all fail to repair this issue. Hence, use can take help of MTS Video Recovery Software which is designed by expert professionals by using advanced algorithm technique. MTS Video Recovery Software has a very user friendly interface which can be used by anyone in a hassle free manner. This software is also has the capacity to resolve unable to play MTS video files with Windows media player safely. It will also show you the preview of video files in a systematical order. This utility tool works without any interruption and supports all types broken, corrupted or damaged MTS files. It is also compatible with all the versions of Windows and MAC operating system as well.

iMac Won’t Recognize or Play MTS Videos

Are you getting problem while playing MTS videos to iMac? Is your iMac Won’t Recognize or Play MTS Videos? MTSmtsc-overview is file extension of those file format that are AVCHD (Advance Video Codec High Definition) type of video files. Nowadays MTS video file format has become very popular and it is used by many popular brand like Sony, Panasonic and other camera. It can be burn on blue ray disk, recording HD videos to random access media, unique codec compression etc. We can store and play .mts video on computer also. Although it is the format which offers high definition and rich quality videos however there might be some cases where you may face problem during its access. iMac Won’t Recognize or Play MTS Videos is one of those issue. Consider a situation in which you connect your USB drive to iMac for playing the stored MTS video but the computer refuses to play or recognize it. It is a very irritating when you not able to play your favorite video.

If your iMac refuse to play the MTS video which are stored on the USB drive it means that the files get corrupt. Once the files get corrupt your iMac Won’t Recognize or Play MTS Videos. MTS videos can corrupted due to many reasons like

  • Occurrence of interruption while moving the video from one storage location to other
  • All videos have its own codec which is necessary for playing in any multimedia player and if there is any codec issue then the MTS videos get corrupted
  • Malfunctioning of media player due to wrong update or incomplete installation can initiate MTS file corruption
  • Other than that there should be some more reason which can cause MTS video corruption like attack of dangerous virus, error while transferring the files over network, incomplete download and other.

Many user format their storage device if they get iMac Won’t Recognize or Play MTS Videos issue. Formating memory card can wipe out all the data. If you also have done this or stuck in the same problem then you don’t have to worry. You can still restore the corrupted .mts file with the help of some powerful third party software. MTS Video Recovery Software is the best utility for restoring corrupted MTS video files. This utility contains high sophisticated technique through which it can easily recover .mts file regardless the reason of lost.

Repair or Recover Corrupt MTS Video Files


Many of the people are not able to repair or recover corrupt MTS video files due to lack of proper knowledge and tool but not any more. If you are in the situation where the mts file is deleted, lost or corrupted and you want it back by any means necessary then you must be looking for something to do the job for you. There is no need to worry much as your search has ended here, you will find the perfect software which can easily make the Repair or Recover Corrupt MTS Video Files. The best part of the software is that you will not have any difficulty in using it, the developer have designed it with layman prospective where every step is self explained. While the software is truly effective you need to be little careful if you want to get the most out of it and Repair or Recover Corrupt MTS Video Files completely.


As soon as you have noticed the missing or corruption of the mts file you should stop the use of the drive where the videos were present. This is because every operation that you perform on the drive increase the chances of overwriting of the previous data and decrease the chances of Repair or Recover Corrupt MTS Video Files. The MTS Video Recovery software that you are going to download and use from here has highly advanced algorithm that will repair every byte of video data and recover the video that was deleted long ago given that it has not been overwritten yet. So you must get the MTS Video Recovery software without thinking much and Repair or Recover Corrupt MTS Video Files now.

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