What is MTS Video File?

MTS is a popular video format which is supported on camcorders computer and cameras and many other electronic devices. It is a file extension that is useful for representing AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) videos. It is able to support both 1080i and 720p HD videos format. The users can play this videos using the various media player like Windows media player, Roxio Popcorn and VLC Media Player.

Download For Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, & 10

MTS Video   Pza4Gv

Download For Mac Operating System

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Causes of MTS Videos corruption

MTS videos Files are sometimes get corrupted if they are not properly taken care of. It gets corrupted due to the following factors:

  • Power failure
  • Virus attack
  • Gets damaged while compressing the files
  • Problems occur due to the operating systems

Error message occurs after MTS Videos corruption

  • MTS videos files are unable to open
  • The files your are selected is damaged
  • System error occurs continuously.
  • “Do you want to format SD card” error message displays regularly.
  • File system recovery failed
  • Sound check failed error
  • Overflow files checking
  • Internal memory could not be read
  • Media card has a wrong format

If your MTS Videos files are corrupted due to any reason and you want to recover it and you are unable to do so. Then you must recover it with Stellar Phoenix MTS Recovery software.


Stellar Phoenix is an advanced videos recovery tools that are able to repair lost or deleted videos files. This software has the ability to restore videos from the internal/external hard drive, memory card, USB Drive, ZIP Disk etc. MTS Recovery software does not harm your system and provides risk-free restoring of the videos files without modifying or overwriting their original content. This video recovery tool is easy to understand for non-technical users.

Features of Stellar Phoenix software

This videos recovery software is available with several advanced features:

  • It can scan high capacity drives as 2 TB
  • It allows the users to adds their own file header for recovery
  • It supports various files format like AVCHD (MTS), 3G2, 3GP, Divx encoded movie files, AVI, MOI videos files, MP4 videos files etc.
  • Recover the videos without modifying their original content.

The trail version of this software is available for the users. If you are satisfied with its performance then download the full version to get the advanced feature in order to recover the videos files.

Download For Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, & 10

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Download For Mac Operating System

57YnsU  47gVor

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