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So you are unable to find or play the MTS video that you have recorded from the video from the camcorder ? The videos must be close to your heart and you are desperate to recover it immediately. We are providing you the tool by which you can easily get back all the videos that you need. When you search on the internet you will find various other software that promises to do the same job but you should beware from them as they can make the situation worse by further damaging the video file. Some of them will not ever detect the MTS video file that’s why you need an effective tool.

The software that you get also has a free download version that allow you to check the credibility of the tool. When you download and install the software which has small file size does not put any extra weight on the computer system. You can now scan the memory card or the drive where the video was saved. The free download version will complete the scan and then produce the preview of the files which it found deleted and corrupted. Now you can not perform any further operation as you are restricted by the free download version. If you want to repair and recover then you will have to get the licensed version. You will not have to download the software separately just buy the license key and enter it . The software will now be fully functional and you will able to use it to get back MTS video file.

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